Adrijana Roy

  • Chief Operating Officer / Client Management

Prior to joining RSG Hockey in 2010, Adrijana excelled in the financial industry for over 5 years with extensive experience in discretionary trading and multi-faceted financial transactions. She added significant value by creating and implementing numerous marketing programs and alternative service options for high-net worth individuals. Her undeniable drive for success and attention to detail gave her the opportunity to receive significant responsibilities early in her career, while managing expectations and providing clients with top-level service.

Since joining RSG Hockey, Adrijana has rapidly moved up within the organization. As the Chief Operating Officer, Adrijana oversees all day-to-day company operations, client player relations, event management and planning. She manages all company financials and has created and implemented numerous highly valued client-driven programs. Adrijana currently resides in Chicago, IL and graduated from Douglas College with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Communications Management in 2004.

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